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Contacting strip

As a precondition for the proper functioning of the heating elements, electric energy must be transferred without loss to the heating fibre structure. The specially developed contacting strip is an essential component of the fibretemp® system.

This component is being further developed continuously. We currently offer the following variants of contacting strips by the metre or with pre-assembled connectors:

  • 2.5 mm² copper design, available ex stock (ft-e-2.5/70)
  • 10.0 mm² copper design, available ex stock (ft-e-10/100)
  • 20.0 mm² copper design, available ex stock (ft-e-20/100)
  • 20.0 mm² molybdenum, for high temperature applications (ft-e-20/100ht)

Contacting strip made of low electrical resistance carbon fibre fabric with knitted-copper wires in the design:  ft-e-20/100

Contacting strip with knitted molybdenum.
The very low thermal expansion of the molybdenum wires prevents voltages in the heat-treated laminate.

For special designs and customisations to your requirements and wishes, please contact us.