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On the use of its website, fibretemp GmbH & Co.KG stores personal data in server log files. This includes: Browser type/version, operating system used, search engine used, referrer URL (the previously visited page), host name of the accessing computer (IP Address), time and server request. This data cannot be assigned to specific persons by fibretemp GmbH & Co. KG and will not be merged with data from other data sources.

fibretemp GmbH & Co. KG also makes use of Cookies to an extent. These are small text files which are stored on the computer of the user. Most of the cookies used are the so-called 'session cookies'. They are automatically deleted after the end of the session on the website. Of course, the website of fibretemp GmbH & Co. KG can also be viewed without cookies. To prevent the storage of cookies, the option "do not accept cookies" must be selected in the browser settings. If the browser does not accept any cookies, it may limit the functionality of the website.

Under the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act or the Privacy Act of Bremen, every user of the website of fibretemp GmbH & Co. KG has the right to demand information, at any time, as to what kind of data related to him is being stored and for what purpose it is being stored. In addition, one can demand correction of inaccurate data or deletion of data, which is not permitted to be stored or is no longer required. fibretemp GmbH & Co. KG provides information on the stored data on written request.

The employees and the service providers authorised by fibretemp GmbH & Co.KG are bound by obligations to confidentiality and to comply with the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act and the Privacy Act of Bremen.