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Heating control / Monitoring

Electrical energy is required for operating the CRP heating. The use of carbon fibre fabric for the resistive heating makes fibretemp® moulds have generally low electric resistance (Ri<1Ω).

This results in an operation at low voltage (U0< 42V). A switched-mode power supply or a transform is used for generating low voltage.

Fibretemp HeizungsreglungThe temperature control of the moulds is done as standard via temperature sensors and thermocouples (Pt100, type K or J), which in conjunction with the process controllers, offer a wealth of func­tio­na­li­ties:

  • Programming of the heating rate
  • Programming of hold times and ramps
  • Storing of diverse mould recipes
  • Trimming curves for offsets between the temperature sensor and surface
  • Mean value-control from several temperature sensors
  • Integration of temperature monitors for protection of the tools
  • Fault messages in the event of sensor damages and temperature deviations
  • Recording and document management of the heating processes 

In addition to this, we offer you integration of further sensors into the mould tool for on-line process monitoring. For example, to detect flow fronts or dielectric checking of the degree of curing.

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